Could Your Dog be the Next Podcast Star? We're Launching a Unique Search for "Barkcasters"

We're on an exciting mission: we're searching for two charismatic dogs to become the new hosts of an innovative podcast, or "dogcast", designed to entertain our four-legged friends when they're home alone.

This isn't your average podcast. We're looking for two dogs who can fill the airwaves with their lively banter, playful barks, and soothing woofs. Each week, these chosen dogs will be the stars of "The Dogcast", a one-hour show that will bring the comforting sounds of canine conversation into homes everywhere.

The lucky dogs chosen for this unique role will receive monthly hampers filled with treats and toys from us. In addition, their owners will be rewarded with a monetary amount per episode.

To apply, dog owners are invited to submit a short video or audio audition clip of their dog 'talking'. They should also provide a brief explanation of why their dog should be one of the world's first "barkcasters". It's important to note that applying dogs should be friendly and sociable with other dogs.

Once selected, the successful doggy duo will be invited to record a series of episodes in a dog-friendly studio, where they will have access to unlimited treats, belly rubs, and all the affection they could want.

Starting in October, episodes of "The Dogcast" will be released weekly and will be available on all popular podcast platforms, including Spotify and Apple Podcasts. 

Our founder, Caroline Stronkhorst, is excited about this initiative. She says, "Many owners leave the radio on for their pets when they're not at home. As huge podcast fans, we started wondering - what if we could create content that our pets might actually enjoy? The successful applicants might end up entertaining a large audience with their conversations! We're looking for two special dogs to bring this novel idea to life and create a 'dogcast' that will have our furry friends wagging their tails in delight each week!"