How to Make a DIY Advent Calendar for Your Dog

'Tis the season to treat your loyal canine companion! If you're looking for a unique and creative way to pamper your pup during the festive period, a DIY advent calendar for your dog is a fun and heartwarming way to do so. Follow these steps to create a delightful advent calendar that both you and your dog will love.


  1. 24 Small envelopes or fabric pouches
  2. String or ribbon
  3. Cardboard or poster board
  4. Marker or stickers
  5. Scissors
  6. Hole punch
  7. Small treats or toys suitable for dogs


  1. Prepare the Materials: Gather your envelopes or fabric pouches. These will hold the treats or toys for your dog. Make sure they are appropriately sized for the treats or toys you're planning to use. If you're using fabric pouches, make sure they're easily opened by a human (since we don't want your dog to accidentally consume fabric).

  2. Decorate Your Envelopes: You can decorate the envelopes or pouches with festive designs using markers, stickers, or whatever craft supplies you have on hand. Remember to avoid using any materials that could be harmful to your dog, like small plastic pieces or glue that could be ingested.

  3. Number Your Envelopes: Label each envelope or pouch with a number from 1 to 24, representing the days leading up to Christmas.

  4. Fill Your Envelopes: Fill each envelope or pouch with a small treat or toy. Be mindful of your dog's size and dietary needs when choosing treats, and make sure toys are safe for your pup's age and chew strength.

  5. Create Your Display: Attach a length of string or ribbon to your cardboard or poster board. Use a hole punch to make a hole at the top of each envelope or pouch, and then string them onto the ribbon in numerical order. Alternatively, you could attach the envelopes directly to the board in a grid pattern using adhesive or clips.

  6. Hang Your Calendar: Once your calendar is assembled, hang it in a spot that is easily accessible for you but out of reach for your dog. This way, you can control when your dog gets their daily treat, and it prevents them from accessing all the treats at once.

  7. Celebrate: Each day, let your dog "open" the corresponding envelope or pouch and enjoy their treat or toy. It's a wonderful way to count down to Christmas and build excitement for the holiday season!

Please note that while the advent calendar is a fun and festive way to celebrate the season with your dog, moderation is key. The treats in the advent calendar should not replace your dog's regular diet, and you should be mindful of any allergies or sensitivities your dog may have. If you're unsure about what treats or toys to include, consult your veterinarian.

Your DIY advent calendar will not only add a touch of festivity to your home but will also create cherished memories for you and your dog. Enjoy the joy and excitement that the countdown to Christmas brings, and have a pawsitively wonderful holiday season!