Maternity Photoshoots for Dogs

Fetch Club Shop, your one-stop online retailer for all things canine, is excited to announce a unique new service: maternity photoshoots for dogs. Now, proud pet parents can immortalise the special moments before their fur baby welcomes their own little ones into the world.

Our latest service, affectionately dubbed 'pupternity photography', ensures that every expectant doggie mum-to-be can have their time in the spotlight. Dog owners across the UK can easily book time with our experienced professional photographers who are ready to photograph your expecting dogs.

Our photographers come equipped not just with cameras, but also with an abundance of dog treats and squeaky toys. This ensures that every pupternity shoot will be a relaxed, fun-filled day, bringing delight and tail wags from even the most diva-like pooch.

At Fetch Club Shop, we are committed to collaborating with photographers who are not only professionals behind the lens but also have a profound love for dogs. This ensures that the entire process will be as comfortable and enjoyable for our four-legged models as possible.

Owners who are interested in scheduling a maternity shoot for their expecting dogs can enquire about a photoshoot below: