Top 5 dog influencer accounts in the UK

Are you looking for some of the most popular UK dog influencers to follow? You’ve come to the right place! The UK is home to some incredible canine personalities that have become household names thanks to their social media presence. Here is a list of five of the top UK-based dog influencers, who are sure to make your feed pop with their unique and lovable pup personalities.

1. Elvis The Beagle (@elvis_the_beagle) – Hands down one of the most famous pooches on the internet, Elvis has taken Instagram by storm with his adventures around the British countryside and doggy fashion looks. With a following of over 200K, Elvis is one pup you won’t want to miss out on seeing!

2. Sofie Doggiee (@sofiedoggiee) – This Yorkshire terrier is all about living her best life! Whether it’s showing off her snazzy coats and accessories or taking part in doggie classes and park runs, Sofie demonstrates that having a pet doesn’t mean sacrificing your lifestyle.

3. The Radford Puppies (@theradfordpuppies) – No matter where you live in Britain, chances are you will know these seven adorable siblings! This group of pooches quickly gained fame for their ever-changing wardrobe of pup couture clothing, which was so successful that they now have their own online store where humans can buy matching outfits for themselves and their dogs!

4. Mabel The Labradoodle (@mabelthelabradoodle) – This labradoodle pup is sure to put a smile on your face every time you scroll through her page full of fun days out at beaches and parks as well as fun activities such as agility courses and hide and seek games along with her human family members.

5. Paddington & Percy (@paddingtonandpercy) – Last but certainly not least we have this dynamic duo (yes they are still together!) Not only do they provide ample puppy cuteness but also educational posts about different breeds, training tips, and even suggestions on how be more eco-friendly when caring for your pooch!

So go ahead and give these amazing canine personalities a follow—you won't regret it!