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Adios Plastic Compostable Poo Bags - Fetch Club Shop
Adios Plastic Compostable Poo Bags - Fetch Club Shop

Adios Plastic Compostable Poo Bags

Adios Plastic Compostable Poo Bags

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Ever feel guilty for using plastic poo bags that contribute to environmental pollution? Adios Plastic Compostable Poo Bags are your pathway to a greener, cleaner, and more responsible pet ownership. Crafted from sustainable non-GMO cornstarch, these poo bags from Adios not only do the job but also disintegrate naturally, leaving no trace behind.

Top Reasons to Make the Switch:

  • Guilt-Free Composting: Unlike other so-called "biodegradable" options that degrade into micro-plastics, these bags fully decompose, turning into beneficial compost.

  • A Complete Zero-Waste Approach: From production to packaging, Adios committed to reducing waste. Even our packaging is made from recyclable materials.

  • Safe, Non-GMO Material: The bags are made from non-genetically modified cornstarch, aligning with eco-conscious values.

  • Tough as Nails: These compostable poo bags are just as robust and leak-proof as traditional plastic bags, so you don't have to compromise on functionality.

  • Palette of Colours: Whether you’re a minimalist or love a splash of colour, we've got you covered with grey, pink, and our mixed-colour rainbow packs.

What's in Each Pack:

  • Roll Count: Each pack contains 4 rolls.
  • Total Bag Count: 60 bags in each pack.
  • Handle Situation: Handle-free design for easy tying and disposing.
  • Colour Variants: Choose between Pink, Grey, or Rainbow (an assortment of 4 colours).

Packaging Info:

  • Comes in a cardboard box that is recyclable, containing 4 rolls of your chosen colour.

Embrace a responsible and eco-friendly lifestyle for you and your four-legged buddy. Add Adios Plastic Compostable Poo Bags to your basket now for a brighter, cleaner tomorrow!

Say Goodbye to Traditional Plastic Bags, Say Hello to a Cleaner Planet!


On average, expect the bags to turn into compost in 3 to 6 months when placed in a home composting system.

Absolutely, the rolls are designed to fit most standard bag dispensers.

No worries! These bags are still a better choice for the planet, as they degrade much faster in landfills compared to traditional plastic bags.

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