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    Leads & Collars

    We know just how important it is to get the right lead or collar for your dog. 

    Dog leads

    Our leads were designed with, and for, a professional dog walker who needed a lead that was:

    • Strong to keep the dog safe
    • Comfortable to hold
    • Durable and wipe clean to handle the seasons

    Biothane was the material that ticked all of those boxes and we got to work. Thousands of dog walks later, we've perfected the design to bring you the best Biothane walking lead for your own walks. 

    A longer line enables your dog to explore parks, countryside and seaside. We craft 3m, 5m and 10m long lines from Biothane so that you get all the benefits of our leads, whether you are on a city walk or country stroll.  

    Dog slip collars 

    It's important that a slip collar works for both you and your dog. We have created a quick guide on how to measure your dog to make sure that you get the right size.

    Most dogs need a slip collar between 14" and 22" but we can make a custom size collar at no extra cost. 

    The slip collars will work with your existing walking lead or you can upgrade to a Fetch Club Shop Biothane lead! 

    Dog slip leads

    Slip leads come with a high quality antler stopper so that they can be adjusted to fit your dog. Our in-house trainer has created a video to help you fit and use a slip lead properly for the best experience possible.