The Embankment, Bedford: a dogs-eye view

The Embankment in Bedford is one of the best dog-friendly spots we have visited. Situated in our hometown, The Embankment has a prime spot with views over the river and well maintained flowerbeds in the heart of the town. 

Not all dog-friendly places are created equally so I've answered some of the key questions I'd like to know before choosing to go to somewhere that is labelled as welcoming to our four-legged friends. 

Dog-friendly Q&A for The Embankment, Bedford 

by Fetch Club Shop 

Where can dogs go when you get to The Embankment?

Dogs are welcomed onto the large outdoor terrace as well as the indoor seating in the front half of the venue. The back areas are a slightly more formal dining area so isn't appropriate to take your dogs to that side but there is plenty of seating and you can get the full food menu in all dog-friendly areas. 

Can I get a water bowl at The Embankment?

There are bowls available and the team are always very helpful in arranging this for you. Just ask on arrival and a private water bowl will find its way to your table. Posh pups! 

Are there any treats available at The Embankment?

Yes! There is a treat jar on the hotel reception desk as you enter the pub and often at the water station too. Can't find the dog treats? Just ask and you'll be pointed in the right direction.

Even better...there are blankets exclusively for dogs so they can keep warm on the terrace during those colder months (or spring/summer evenings). Don't worry, there are blankets and heaters for you too! 

What are the best dog walks near The Embankment?

You really are spoilt for choice in this area of Bedford. There are five places to cross the river on this stretch from the newer Riverside area at one end down to a small bridge before you get to a much, older smaller bridge at the Aspects end

If you're looking for a longer walk then a lap of Priory Marina makes for a perfect stroll full of spaces for off-lead exploration too. There is a beach where many dogs enjoy paddling, just watch out for blue-green algae

The Embankment host group dog walks that start and end at the pub so keep an eye on their social media to find out when they're happening!

Where should I park at The Embankment?

There is a small car park at the rear of The Embankment for patrons but your best option is to use the pay and display street parking that lines the embankment itself. 

Are the hotel rooms at The Embankment dog-friendly?

They are! There are a select number of rooms that are dog-friendly so make sure you mention the extra special guest when booking your room. 


Useful links:

Their own website is a good place to get information on opening times and to make a booking. 

Their Instagram account (@theembankmentbedford) is normally full of tempting chalkboard specials and four-legged guests that the staff fuss over. 

Downloading the Peach Pubs app is really handy for at-table ordering and collecting some points for money-off drinks along the way. You can get the app download links here. Not all dogs enjoy being in the busy area around the bar so table service via the app can come in very handy!